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International Student Exchanges

Preparatory Stage Exchange Program

Since 2014, the Sino-French Engineer School has been actively promoting Sino-French short-term cultural exchange for preparatory stage students. In October 2014, the School hosted the first “Sino-French Autumn School”, receiving a delegation of 48 people from Lycée Louis-le-Grand. In February 2015, 15 junior preparatory students from the Sino-French Engineer School visited Lycée Louis-le-Grand in France for exchange. They studied science and literature with French students, and visited many cultural attractions in Paris for deeper understanding of French culture.

Based on the two Sino-French preparatory exchange, the Sino-French Engineer School and Lycée Louis-le-Grand signed a long-term exchange agreement. Under the agreement framework, from 2005 to 2006, both sides organized 46 students from MP class of Lycée Louis-le-Grand to Sino-French Engineer School, and 15 students from junior preparatory class of Sino-French Engineer School to Lycée Louis-le-Grand respectively for exchange. Moreover, in February 2016, 18 preparatory sophomore students from Sino-French Engineer School visited Lycée du Parc in Lyon for exchange and study; in April 2016, 23 students and faculties from Le Parc came to Sino-French Engineer School for exchange.

Since 2017, the school has been encouraging all preparatory stage students to go to France for short-term cultural exchange. All students from Grade 2015 and Grade 2016 visited cities including Paris, Lyon, Lille, Nantes and Marseille for cultural exchange of over ten days in January 2017 and August 2017, and will attend part of the courses and activities of the local preparatory schools.