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Study Abroad Financial Aid Status

The primary sources of financial aid for students studying and exchanging abroad are the following:
I. CSC (China Scholarship Council) Program
The financial aid program is mainly for doctoral degree students and outstanding undergraduate students.
Ø Doctoral degree aid aims at 3-year and 1+3 doctoral program. The 3-year doctoral program aids students applying for doctoral degree of any distinguished foreign universities, including 5 universities of Groupe des Écoles Centrales, Paris Institute of Technology, UT-INSA and other universities with specific cooperative programs and admission method. The 1+3 doctoral program only includes the doctoral degree of 5 universities of Groupe des Écoles Centrales, eligible for junior engineer students of Sino-French Engineer School.
Ø Outstanding undergraduate program started in 2009 including specifically the one-year cooperative program between the Sino-French Engineer School and five universities of Groupe des Écoles Centrales (increasing 8 students per year to 12) and the half-year program of Beihang university-level cooperation.
Besides, CSC also sponsors foreign master degree programs. Eligible students at the Sino-French Engineer School may contact the school for application.
II. School Financial Aid Program
School financial aid program primarily aims at the short-term preparatory stage exchange, and provides a flight ticket subsidy for financially challenged individual students.
III. Beihang Yuan Hang Fund Financial Aid
The financial aid is eligible for Beihang university-level cooperative programs, including half-year exchange program, two-year joint degree program and summer exchange program. The financial aid is a one-time payment of 5,000 or 10,000 RMB.