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Student Recruitment and Employment

Enrollment Statement

With the support of the Ministry of Education of China and France, Sino-French Engineer School was founded by the Beihang University and Groupe des Écoles Centrales (consitututing École Centrale de Paris, Lyon, Lille, Nantes and Marseille in France), and began enrollment in 2005. The school takes advantage of quality education resources in France and combines Beihang’s strengths in teaching, scientific research and management to cultivate high-level international general engineers. The school is affiliated to Beihang University and is also a member of the Groupe des Écoles Centrales. As the forerunner of the Sino-French Engineering education cooperation, Sino-French Engineer School has received close attention of the society. In 2010, the school was elected the first batch of "Excellent Engineer Education Program", and was successfully accredited by CTI and EUR-ACE, becoming China's first education institute eligible to issue general engineer title, and also the only institution to date eligible to issue the general engineer title outside of France authorized by French Government. The school led the establishment of the "Sino-French Education Cooperation Alliance", consisting of 17 universities in China and the "Beijing University Alliance for Outstanding Engineers Education and Training Program" constituting 16 Beijing universities, launched a national-level regional and country studies cultivation base-the French research center, and pioneered the establishment of "Industrial Science and Technology Internationalized Innovation Training Base ". In 2015, the school was successfully selected the national "Promotion Program of University Internationalization Demonstration School". Over more than 10 years of construction and development, the school has made remarkable achievements in talent cultivation and education and teaching reform, and has become the model of Sino-French education cooperation.
Cultivating Philosophy and Orientation
Sino-French Engineer School adopts an internationally renowned general engineer education, and students will receive engineer training with bi-culture characteristics. The school is dedicated to cultivate leading talents with global vision, systemic thinking, and collaborative innovation capacity to meet rapidly changing challenges in a diversified world.
The school will equip students with the following five abilities:
To understand international rules, be culturally open-minded, and have cross-cultural collaborative skills;
To gain systemic insights as well as achieve multi-disciplinary knowledge integration and transfer;
To innovatively resolve complex engineering problems under uncertain circumstances;
To take on engineering-related ethical and moral obligations, and respecting social values; and
To have good organizational, teamwork and leadership skills, as well as critical and reflective thinking.

Course System and Degree
The full length of Sino-French Engineer School course is 6.5 years, including preparatory education stage and engineer education stage. The undergraduate (preparatory) stage focuses on strengthening the French, mathematics, arts and other basic knowledge. Master (engineer) stage focuses on the implementation of general engineer education with interdisciplinary and engineering practice characteristics. Students who are not adapted to French learning may be transferred to other schools in Beihang University after application and bi-directional selection. At the beginning of the senior year, a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation and assessment will be conducted, and qualified students may continue the engineer stage education after selecting Master's research direction (covering the main engineering majors at school). At the end of the undergraduate stage, students who have completed the undergraduate program and have reached degree requirements will obtain one of the four bachelor degrees: Beihang University Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computer Science, Applied Physics and Engineering Mechanics; at the conclusion of the engineer stage education, students who have obtained all required credits and completed their master's theses as well as enterprise internships will be awarded Beihang Master’s degree and the French engineer title accredited by CTI. The historical rate of undergraduate student enrolled in graduate program reaches 85%, and the ratio of graduate students admitted to doctoral program of international first-class university is up to over 30%.
Cultivating Mode and Process
Sino-French Engineer School has established a talent training platform with trilingual (Mandarin, English and French) environment and Chinese and western culture. Students will receive intensive French education in freshman year, and the proportion of foreign language teaching in the subsequent core courses is more than 70%. Each year university professors, business experts, scientific researchers from France, Belgium and other countries give lessons to students; the school draws on and develops the enterprise partnership system of French engineer cultivation, integrating the concept of “EIP&EPR” in French general engineer education, namely "Engineering, Industry, Profession" and "Experiment, Practice, Reality", to establish partnership relationships with COMAC, France Safran and other 20 global top 500 well-known enterprises., Partner enterprises actively participate in the developmental planning, teaching planning and the implementation of teaching of school, and provide students with internship practice and employment venues and opportunities; the school adopts the combination of course studying, practice training and degree thesis to build a new comprehensive evaluation system and adheres to small class teaching for all-round development of non-intelligence factors of students. In line with the successful mode of education and curriculum system of foreign world-class universities, the school promotes the education of general knowledge and liberal arts, in addition to the organic integration of literature and science education, and the social and natural sciences; the school encourages self-improvement, self-management and self-development of the students, and guides the students to participate in various activities and competitions that fit their goals under the premise of their hard study; The school organized "International University Network" with five French universities and Central Polytechnic University of Morocco and India, sought further cooperation in terms of talent cultivation, teacher-student exchange, scientific research and other aspects, and provided students with substantial opportunities to participate in international exchange through the establishment of three-level international platform among nations, universities, schools. Over one-third of the students will obtain short-term or over one semester overseas exchange opportunities in the undergraduate course through their efforts; more than 80% of the students in the graduate study period will obtain overseas study opportunities for one semester, one academic year or two academic years and industrial internship exchange opportunities through school selection.
Closely following the forefront of the world's higher engineering education, Sino-French Engineer School has always been committed to cultivating international general engineers based on national strategic needs. The school has now delivered five classes of a total of 356 internationally certified and excellent "International General Engineers" with French general engineer titles and the Master's degree of Beihang University. Possessing the Chinese and French higher education diploma and mastering two foreign languages (French, English), the talents are highly adaptable and are not only extensively welcomed by Chinese and foreign engineering industry, enterprises and scientific research institutions due to their global vision, systematic thinking, and innovation ability, but also favored by financial sectors and government administrators because of their solid mathematical foundation and extensive knowledge base. With one class after another of graduates go to the society, "International General Engineer" will play a greater role in the rapid growth of industrialization and internationalization today.
Sino-French Engineer School
Awarding the title of French General Engineer. The only institution authorized by French government to issue General Engineer‘s title outside of France.
Having international high-level faculty resources and partnerships with 20 global top 500 enterprises
Having a talent cultivation platform with trilingual (Mandarin, English and French) environment and Chinese and western culture
Enrolling 120 undergraduate students with undergraduate (preparatory) stage focusing on strengthening the French, mathematics, arts and other basic knowledge and master (engineer) stage focusing on the implementation of general engineer education with interdisciplinary and engineering practice characteristics.
Joining a pilot program of "Excellent Engineer Education Program" in China
Charging tuition fees are the same as other schools in Beihang University.
More than 80% students with overseas exchange and internship opportunities.
Being selected among the national Promotion Program of University Internationalization Demonstration Schools.