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Beihang French Alumni Association Established

The publisher:Release date:2017-05-29

Beihang News, May 29th (Correspondents Kong Fan, Jia Lirong) On May 27th, the establishment ceremony of University French Alumni Association was held at the multi-functional hall of Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in France. Over 80 people including Executive Vice President of General Alumni Association and Vice President of University Wei Zhimin, Minister Counsellor of General Alumni Association, Human Resources, Education Fund Committee, Sino-French Engineer School and Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in France Ma Yansheng, First Secretary Zou Runmin, Honorary President of Tsinghua University French Alumni Association Wang Shanjin, President Fan Yejun, President of Peking University French Alumni Association Wang Ao, President of Fudan University Alumni Association Zhou Qi, Secretary General of French Engineers Association Jiao Long, President of French Entrepreneur Association Li Tianlun, Vice President of ASICEF Bai Jinbo, President of UCECF Liu Yuanhui, Vice President of AASFC Xu Xiangyu, Directors of Huazhong University of Science and Technology French Alumni Association Liao Zhenyu and Li Qiran, and the alumni of Beihang University witnessed the establishment of Beihang French Alumni Association. The establishment ceremony was hosted by alumnus Lin Chao, the head of the preparatory group of Beihang French Alumni Association.

The head of Beihang French Alumni Association Ji Ning introduced the preparatory status of the alumni association and announced the recommended list of Beihang French Association council. The elected council of Beihang French Association includes Distinguished Professor of Université Paris XI and alumnus from the class of 1980 of Beihang School of Materials Science and Engineering Ji Ning as the first President, alumnus Zhang Lin from the class of 1999 of department 6 and alumnus Wu Chao from the class of 2003 of department 5 as Vice Presidents, alumnus Lin Chao from the class of 2002 of department 2 as Secretary General, and alumni Wang Tairan, Zhan Xiaotong, Liu Yan (also served the finance position) and others as Deputy Secretaries-General.
Secretary General of Beihang General Alumni Association Wang Youhong announced Reply on Establishment of Beihang French Alumni Association, extending University’s close attention and support to the establishment of Beihang French Alumni Association. Vice President Wei Zhimin awarded the president offer to Ji Ning, President of French Alumni Association. President Ji Ning then issued offers to the vice president, secretary general and deputy secretary general. Vice President Wei Zhimin, Human Resources Director Xiao Zhisong, Director of Sino-French Engineer School Hong Guanxin, Secretary General of Education Fund Committee He Sha and others presented the university flag as a gift to French Alumni Association, and the association board was awarded by Secretary General of General Alumni Association Wang Youhong.
Vice President Wei Zhimin extended gratitude towards the strong support of the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in France and the dedicated efforts of the alumni in France. Over the past years, guided by the nation’s strategic need, Beihang enhanced basic, forward-looking and strategic high tech research, introduced and supported the combination of innovation and key bottleneck technology, and deep integration of innovation and production, study, scientific research, practical application, in order to apply the research product in the motherland, and implement the scientific achievement in the great cause of modernization. Since 2004, the University has been awarded 11 first prizes of national science and technology award, promoting related science field with outstanding contribution. The scientific and technological innovation was recognized as “Beihang Mode” by the society. Vice President Wei emphasized that Beihang has always valued the cooperation of education and science and technology with France. Under the common support of the two governments, Beihang and Le Groupe des Ecoles Centrales jointly established the first Sino-French Engineer School applied with French engineering education method in China. It received wide recognition and welcome from the political, enterprise and education circles of China and France, and was crowned as the example of Sino-French advanced education cooperation. The establishment of Beihang French Alumni Association is expected to gather and unite Beihang’s alumni in France, promote the learning from brother universities’ French alumni association, and serve as a platform to continue to enhance the educational exchange between Beihang and France.
On behalf of Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in France,Minister Counsellor Ma Yansheng extended congratulations to Beihang French Alumni Association on the establishment. He reviewed his experience when invited to visit Beihang University, and exchanged opinions with the leaders of Beihang University when they were visiting France. He deeply felt Beihang’s close attention and sincerity towards the cooperation with France. He also stated that French professionals highly recognized the quality and ability of Beihang students studying in France. Many Beihang students were actively engaged in all sorts of student activities, and some graduated alumni in France have demonstrated outstanding performance in respective profession, promoting the exchange and cooperation between China and France. Ma pointed out that French alumni association of China’s universities is an important branch of the three main overseas international student association including UCECF and Professional Association. In the recent years, alumni associations have seen rapid growth, and have been very active with the strong support of Education Department of the Embassy. Ma hoped that Beihang French Alumni Association will carry forward the glorious tradition of the university, demonstrate each member’s impact and strength, widely unite alumni, and improve and strengthen the alumni association. Ma expected that while uniting the Beihang alumni in France, Beihang French Alumni Association would gather the French teachers and students who had exchanged experience in Beihang, and build a Sino-French Beihang alumni family.

The first president of Beihang French Alumni Association Ji Ning stated that Beihang French Alumni Association could hardly be established without the support and assistance from the University General Alumni Association and all society. French alumni association will receive opinions from the public, and continue to strive to serve Beihang alumni in France, with the hope that all alumni will continue to support the alumni association, and contribute to the development of Beihang French Alumni Association.
During the establishment ceremony, Beihang Human Resource Director Xiao Zhisong and Director of Sino-French Engineer School Hong Guanxin introduced the talent introduction status of Beihang and Sino-French Engineer School respectively.
As the first advanced education institute of aeronautics and astronautics of the People’s Republic of China, Beihang has attracted national experts and scholars of aeronautical science, and has explored an innovation path to serve national strategy while aiming at the global cutting-edge academics. Proud to cultivate eight academicians in six years, Beihang has proved the determination and heart of attracting talents. We hope that the young talents in France will join Beihang for better personal growth and for joint contribution to our country’s scientific and technological development.

During the visit

While attending the establishment ceremony of French alumni association in France, the University also visited École Centrale Marseille and CentraleSupélec for the cooperation with Beihang, and was shown around the lab and the student entrepreneur center with deep conversations on the alumni-related matters. The university’s human resource department and Sino-French Engineer School held three talent introduction forums in Marseilles, Lyon and Paris respectively, attracting many overseas talents, and achieving remarkable results. It is undoubtedly a great combination to hold talent introduction and alumni activities.

European Times reported the event