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10th Anniversary Ceremony of Sino-French Engineer School

The publisher:Release date:2015-09-24

Sino-French Engineer School of BUAA has been exploring higher engineeringeducation reform and creative internationalized talent training for a decade by 2015 and we have successfully cultivated around 400 international general engineers with CTI and EUR-ACEcertifications to our country.

The school has accumulated, explored and innovated for the past 10 years. Sino-French Engineer School has never stopped progressing and improving from the 1st graduation ceremony in the Great Hall of the People to the foundation ofBasic Physical Experiment Center and LIAMA; from 1st session of Outstanding Engineer Plan to Beijing Outstanding Engineer Association; from basic French teaching to French Research and Cultivation base; and from the praise of Chinese and French Prime Ministers to the acceptance of the whole society.

We hereby hold 10th Anniversary of Sino-French Engineer School, Sino-European University-Enterprise Forum, Sino-French Education Forum, BUAA French Day and a series of activities, stay tuned!

【Celebration Activities

10th Anniversary Ceremony of Sino-French Engineer School

Time10:00 a.m.  Oct. 22nd, 2015

PlaceChenxing Music Hall, BUAA

Sino-European University-Enterprise Forum

Time14:30 p.m.  Oct. 22nd, 2015

PlaceRuxin Medium Lecture Hall, BUAA

Sino-French Education Forum

Time10:00 a.m.   Oct. 23rd, 2015

PlaceRoom 413, Building No.2, BUAA