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Educational Goals
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The School’s Education Objectives

The School fully absorbs the education method of French engineering and technology management, and the engineer training mode and experience, and introduces advanced education theory and quality education resources abroad in combination of Beihang’s own strengths, in order to explore the approach to cultivate internationalized talents with both engineering technology skills and management science knowledge in the process of integration and development. The School seeks to establish Beihang’s unique talent cultivation system and mode, and cultivate quality internationally universal engineer talents in local; explore and bring forth new mode of advanced engineering education to provide referential experience for our country’s advanced engineering education; carry out the educational, scientific and technological, and cultural exchange with France and French-speaking countries for the diplomacy of the nation.

Education Goal:
According the University’s talent cultivation goal of “establishing a high sense of national mission and social responsibility, and cultivating truth-seeking leaders and pioneers with lofty ideals, great learning and broad visions”, we have confirmed the education goal for the general engineer major as the following:
To cultivate engineering leaders and pioneers overcoming the challenge of world diversity and rapid change, and skilled in global mindset, systematic thinking, and collaborative innovation.
Students should be skilled in the following five abilities:
 Ability to comprehend international rules, embrace different cultures, and collaborate in cross-culture environment
 Ability of systematic thinking, and multidisciplinary crossover, integration and transfer
 Ability to innovatively solve complicated engineering problems under uncertain environment
 Ability to take on engineering moral and ethical responsibilities, and respect social values
 Ability of organizational and coordinative leadership, and critical thinking and reflection
“Future advanced specialists should be able to work on many new non-traditional professions, and transfer from one technical field to another without any difficulties in order to create career opportunities for themselves.”
---- President of École Centrale Paris and Supélec, Hervé Biausser