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Chinese director: Hong Guanxin

    An experimental field for cultivating international talents, the Sino-French Engineer School will continue to carry forward its management philosophy – development, opening up, cooperation and win-win, and stand firm in Beihang University’s strengths in aeronautics, astronautics and communications to work with Le Groupe des Ecoles Centrales (a group of five central schools in Paris, Lyon, Lille, Nantes and Marseille) toward the goal of cultivating leading engineers with such abilities as global vision, systemic thinking and collaborative innovation to cope with a rapidly changing, diversified world through leveraging a plan that aims to advance the establishment of model internationalized schools in colleges and universities and being geared toward world-class certification and training systems. Under the guidance of building a number of world-class universities and disciplines, the School will first build itself to be a world-class one for training international engineers.


French director: Gilles Fleury

   It has been ten years since the founding of the Sino-French Engineer School. This young School is China’s first institution to pass accreditation by CTI (Commission des titres d’ingénieurs) and to award the French diploma of engineer. On May 15, 2015, French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development Laurent Fabius statedat the second meeting of China-France high-level cultural exchanges in Beijingthat the School has set an example for China-France cooperation in engineering education. On October 22, 2015, at the tenth anniversary of the School’s founding, the School was said to be leading the two countries in the field of higher education and research cooperation. The School has over 400 students, half of which studied in France for more than a year. These graduates possessing what the School has given them – being open, cultural-diversified, and elite, have found their jobs in various sectors of industrial service and earned recognition by their employers. With a solid foundation of becoming engineers, one-third of such graduates have continued to pursue doctoral studies.

    Since the first group of graduates in 2012, the School has grown steadily to possess an effective teaching plan, teaching team and management mode. Currently, it has entered a new stage of development, focusing on the following:

– Promoting research through visiting professors from companies;

– Stimulating international exchanges for the School’s students and teachers through the network of Le Groupe des Ecoles Centrales; Enriching a global cultural atmosphere through recruiting more international students;

–Developing a multi-regional teaching team with a global vision through teachers’ exchange;

–Cultivating engineers to resolve future technological difficult problems by training students in terms of innovative thinking and self-development;

–Building a bridge between education and industry through continuing education throughout the entire professional career. The School is witness to the friendship between China and France and has been embodying a common vision of best serving the interests of its students and shouldering its mission to serve companies of the two countries. All is for our next generation, for their future and for their best service.