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President and Academician Xu Huibin Meets Presidents of ULB and VUB

The publisher:Release date:2017-04-10

Beihang News April 10th (Correspondent Tong Jun/Author Journalist Kong Xiangming/Photographer) On the morning of April 10th, President and Academician Xu Huibin had a cordial meeting with the united delegation led by President of ULB Yvon Englert and the President of VUB Caroline Pauwels, accompanied by 12 people including ULB Vice President of Foreign Affairs Professor Marie-Soleil Frere and VUB Vice President of Foreign Affairs Professor Sonja Snacken. Vice President Huang Haijun and relevant leaders of International Exchange and Cooperation Division, Sino-French Engineer School, School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, and Law School attended the meeting.

President Xu Huibin cordially welcomed the two new presidents and the delegation to visit the university. He highly affirmed the close cooperation partnership between Beihang and the two universities respectively, and reviewed the development of strategic partnership between the university and ULB. President Xu stated that he hoped to promote the international cooperation among schools and among professors through this meeting, and the three universities may focus on deep collaboration in the fields of interdisciplinary research in medical engineering based on complementary advantages in the future.

ULB President Yvon Englert expressed gratitude towards Beihang’s well organized conversation and cooperation discussion. He stated that the visit was the first time for the two universities to unite as a group, in order to fully deploy the common disciplinary advantages of the two universities, and enhance the strategic cooperation partnership relationships with Beihang.

VUB President Caroline Pauwels pointed out that VUB highly values the partnership with Beihang. She stated that the cooperation potential between the two universities is huge, and further discussion and focus on cooperation are expected.

Later, Vice President Huang Haijun, President Yvon Englert and President Caroline Pauwels updated the status of talent cultivation, scientific research, international cooperation and other aspects of the respective universities. The three parties actively exchanged opinions and reached multiple consensuses on topics including deepening talent cultivation cooperation, strengthening professor connection, carrying out cooperative research, and holding forums on interdisciplinary cooperation in medical engineering.
After the meeting, the presidents and the vice presidents of the two universities visited Air and Space Museum and Sino-French Engineer School accompanied by Vice President Huang Haijun, and had deep discussion on Sino-French cooperative schooling with Sino-French Engineer School. The teaching and scientific research staff of the three universities had respective discussions on the cutting-edge academic knowledge on biomedical engineering and law, and reached a preliminary agreement on the cooperation of academic research and discussion, student exchange and other aspects among schools.

Université Libre de Bruxelles was established in 1834, and was split into Universite libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in 1970, using French and Dutch as main teaching language respectively. The two universities are both prestigious comprehensive and research universities in Europe with top-ranking teaching and scientific research. ULB and our university became mutual strategic partners and established united education and science and technology center. Since 2011, accumulatively 50 students were engaged in the exchange study and 34 students joined the master or doctoral double-major united cultivation programs between the two universities. VUB and our university established a partner relationship in 2013, and commenced the exchange and cooperation in terms of technology transfer, optical engineering, etc. and summer courses.