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Sino-FrenchEngineer School student has achieved great success in the InternationalComputer Vision Competition

The publisher:Release date:2018-11-19

DuYuming, a graduate student of the Sino-French Engineer School, is a majormember of Megvii, which has won in the task of human pose estimation in the2018 MS COCO Challenge.

MSCOCO (Microsoft Common Objects in Context) Challenge is one of the most concernedand authoritative competitions in the field of computer vision. It is not only themost important benchmark for image (object) recognition but also the only international competition which can get Google, Microsoft and Facebook, top universities and innovative companies involved. Compared with the ImageNet who focuses on the over all image, the object detection task in COCO is moreconcerned with individual objects appearing in the image (such as various smallobjects and occlusion objects), so the algorithm is required to be able to present image details. This competition represents the highest level of  image recognition following ImageNet.

Duyuming, a native of Yuncheng, Shanxi, was an undergraduate student of the Sino-French Engineer School, and became a postgraduate student of the school from 2016. He pursued for a double-degree at the Central Polytechnic University of Lyon (École Centrale de Lyon) from 2015 to 2017. Now he is pursuing for a master degree in the Sino-French Data Science Laboratory of Beihang University. His supervisor is Associate Professor Yu Lei.