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The openingceremony of the 2018 undergraduate students of Sino-French Engineer School wassuccessfully held

The publisher:Release date:2018-11-19

Theopening ceremony for the 2018 undergraduate students and the parents' meetingof Sino-French Engineer School was held in the main M201 at 2 pm on August 30,2018. All the first year students and their parents, college leaders, classteachers and the counselors of 2018 have taken part in the meeting. The openingceremony was presided over by Zhang Li, the secretary of the college branchcommittee.

Themeeting began by a speech of Professor Hong Guanxin, Secretary of the PartyCommittee and Dean of the school. Madame Hong gave a warm welcome to the newstudents, introduced the basic situation of the college from the aspects ofcultivation system, cultivation objectives, quality of students, employment ofstudents, and encouraged the new students to cultivate their aspirations andwork for a comprehensive development.

ThenVice President Xu Ping, who introduced the training plan, curriculumarrangement and supervision links in detail, and gave his own suggestions forthe freshmen to adapt to their university life.

Sincethe French president, Professor GENTY Frederic, was unable to attend themeeting, he entrusted Associate Professor Fu Xiaoyao (Guillaume Merle), thehead of the industrial science course, to read his personal letter and gave anintroduction to the industrial science course.

Thedeputy dean of the House of Aviation Science and Engineering of BeihangUniversity, Professor Li Min has also been invited to the opening ceremony as thefather of a previous student. Combining with his own experience of accompanyingwith her daughter, he talked about his views on engineering education and hisobservation and evaluation of the education of Sino-French Engineer School.

Finally,Li Mu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the college, introduced theregulations on student management of Beihang University, highlighted theproblems and requirements of the new students, and put forward his ownsuggestions. As a conclusion, on behalf of all the crews and students of thecollege, he wished the 2018 freshmen to adapt to their university life as soonas possible. In this comfortable and harmonious campus of Beihang Universityequipped with the advanced teaching environment, he hoped them to study hard,let go of their dreams, spend a colorful university life and become futureleaders.