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SchneiderElectric Global Executive Vice President of Human Resources Visited OurInstitute

The publisher:Release date:2018-11-19

On September 12th, Olivier BLUM, the Global Executive Vice President of Human Resources of Schneider Electric SA and Group Executive Committee Member, Mr.Echo, China Senior Vice President of Human Resources of Schneider Electric SA,and Ms. Tian Xin,Electric Recruitment and Employer Brand Manager of Schneider Electric (China)visited Sino-French Engineer School. Hong Guanxin, the Chinese Dean of theSino-French Engineer School, and Frédéric GENTY, the French Dean, welcomed theguests. Chinese Vice Dean Zhang Wei and French Vice Dean Nicolas CHAPUIS also attendedthe meeting.

PresidentHong welcomed the visit of the guests and introduced the development history ofthe Sino-French Engineer School, the talent cultivation model, the teachingcharacteristics and the overall situation of international cooperation.

FrédéricGENTY, the dean of the French side, introduced the international students andstudent exchanges of Groupe des Ecoles Centrales and the Sino-FrenchEngineering School.

Mr.Olivier BLUM expressed his appreciation and identification for the talent cultivationmodel explored by the Sino-French Engineering School. At the same time, he alsointroduced Schneider Electric's sustainable development strategy in China, andachieved results in terms of intelligence and new energy development.