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The namingceremony of the Sino-French-Schlumberger Smart Learning Center was held in ourschool

The publisher:Release date:2018-11-19

The naming ceremony of the Sino-French-Schlumberger Smart Learning Center was heldat the Sino-French Engineer School on the afternoon of September 27th.Professor Tao Zhi, Vice President of the University, Mr. BELANI, Vice Presidentof Technology of Schlumberger, Professor Hong Guanxin, Chinese Dean of the Sino-French Engineer School, Professor GENTY, French Dean of the Sino-French Engineering Schoolof the French side, the teachers and students of the Sino-French Engineering Schooland eight company executives and some employees of Schlumberger have also attendedand witnessed the naming ceremony.

Inhis speech, Vice President Tao Zhi thanked Schlumberger for its strong supportto the Sino-French Engineer School and Beihang University during these years.He hoped that the Sino-French Engineer School would play an important role incontinually expanding and strengthening the international cooperation ofBeihang University. In his speech, Bellany said that the company's founder,Schlumberger brothers, are all alumni of the Central Institute of Technology inParis, and have been cooperating with world-renowned universities for a longtime. Today, he was very pleased to see that Schlumberger has provided modernteaching concepts to students through the Sino-French Engineering School inorder to contribute to the development of future engineering leaders.Subsequently, Vice President Tao Zhi and Schlumberger Vice President ofTechnology, Mr. Belani, jointly unveiled the Sino-French-Schlumberger SmartLearning Center.

Schlumbergerhas been cooperating with the Sino-French Engineer School for a long time, andit provides a certain amount of scholarships to our students each year. Since2013, Schlumberger Beijing branch has recruited 17 graduates from Beihang, 14of them came from the Sino-French Engineer School. The Sino-French-SchlumbergerSmart Learning Center is an integrated and intelligent learning space that thecollege has built to create a first-class teaching environment, improveteaching quality, and promote teaching reform. The center is divided into five“smart learning spaces”, including a team interactive classroom, a small smartclassroom, a cloud smart classroom, and four team collaboration spaces.